The QLaw Foundation Summer Grant Program funds innovative public interest projects that benefit the GLBT community and/or people living with HIV/AIDS.  Past grantees include Melissa Nystrom (GLBT Community Center) Sarah White (Legal Voice), Ashland Johnson (Lambda Legal), Adrien Leavitt (QLaw Foundation Legal Clinic), Elliott Kennedy (Transgender Law Project),  Marek Falk (ACLU of Washington Foundation), Alex West (Sylvia Rivera Law Project), and Michelle Gonzalez (HIV Law Project). 

Former Grant Recipients Elliott Kennedy & Ashland Johnson Now working at the Trevor Project & NCLR (respectively). Attending the 2013 Lavender Law Conference.

 Qualifications.  Law students who seek summer internships promoting LGBT rights or the rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS may apply. The QLaw Foundation values diversity and encourages all interested students to apply. QLaw Foundation specifically encourages applications from:

  • Students attending Washington state law schools or those seeking internships for the benefit of Washington state residents.
  • Students with a demonstrated interest in and commitment to LGBT rights and/or the rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Below is a description of the grant program and information about the application process, contact summergrant@q-law.org

Projects and Organizations.  Students are encouraged to create their own projects and connect with sponsoring organizations well in advance of the application deadline.  The QLaw Foundation offers applicants a list of potential sponsors that have projects addressing issues relevant to LGBT rights or the rights of people with HIV/AIDS. These organizations are existing 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations or government agencies with staff attorneys who are qualified and available to supervise the student. 

Sponsoring Organizations. The grant committee seeks potential sponsoring organizations. If you are a legal organization or part of  legal organization interested in formulating a project focused on the civil rights of GLBT persons or persons with AIDS/HIV and might be interested in hosting a QLaw grantee, please contact Summer Grant Chair at summergrant@q-law.org for more details.

Volunteers. The QLaw Foundation encourages community members to join the grantee selection committee.  Meetings are typically on the first Monday or Tuesday of every month, either noon telephonic meetings or evening in person meetings.  Contact summergrant@q-law.org for details.  

The Qlaw Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Donate here.


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